Commissioned histories

The intricate journey that has brought each of us to this point in time is precious. Do you feel the time has come to get some help to record your own story or the history of your family? If so, please contact me to discuss. See below for examples of recent projects.

Teamwork: The Correia Brothers

How a family of Portuguese fishermen and plantation workers from the island of Madeira sailed halfway around the world in a fishing trawler to make their fortunes and set up a sizable empire in Western Australia. An  across-the-cultures story of acumen, sheer grit and hard work.

Heytesbury Stud: An Affair of the Heart

Ghosted for Ethnee Holmes a Court. An intensely personal account of the work that goes into creating a horse stud from scratch … and the heartbreaks and successes along the way. Heyesbury Stud is a behind-the-scenes look at building ‘the most fabulous thoroughbred stud’ in the southern hemisphere.


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