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The write routine

bee-eaters brightwheel above this lucky country this uncertain world   The write routine. Blessed routine. And the greatest antidote I know to unremitting change. When once I said that I […]


My 70th move lies ahead

Key among my bucketful of wishes after my second husband died was a wish not to travel, but rather to cease travelling, or at least to slow down the petty […]

Burying the bogeyman and following your dreams

Write through rejection

I was chatting with a young girl – a complete stranger standing next in line in a supermarket queue – who confessed that what was stopping her writing was fear […]


Can a book change your life?

Lunch with a journalist friend looking for work reminded me of my own first dedicated job search. I was in my mid-twenties with two young children. By then I had […]


The timelessness of story

On January 2, the day following our New Year party, I woke to reflect on time and on the heavy burden so many of us hang upon the branches of […]


The Writing Web

  Weeks flipping over like the pages of a good novel, days rushing by on casters. Perth mid-winter. I wake in the half-light to the welcome sound of rain on […]



Nearly time to board the plane for Spain! This is the research trip for my next novel that I’ve been anticipating for well over a year. It’s been in the […]