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Reading the Gibb River Road

As we prepared to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of our Gibb River Road adventure, we received a piece of salutary advice from the attractive young manager at […]

Oman 481

Oman — simply spectacular

They call it ‘eye of mountain’ – that special place in this desert country where a sparkling stream will  spring clear of its mother mountain. Scrawled above an aqueduct of […]

August blog

Flying the flag for transnational literature

  O, my shoes are Japanese These trousers English, if you please On my head, red Russian hat – My heart’s Indian for all that. Hindi song: Mera Joota Hai Japani […]

Great Barrier Reef

The thing with holidays

‘The thing with holidays,’ I said to my cousin Neil this morning, ‘is that the benefits don’t last very long. Soon as you’re back at your desk, you’ve forgotten you […]


Time to read and reflect

Back at my desk from time-out in Sydney and Bali. Sydney was a very enjoyable family time, a meeting with our latest grandchild, young Tom, and the chance to attend […]

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Moments in literature

On my recent trip to Spain I’d hoped that I would have enough time to simply ‘stand and stare’, and it did happen, although perhaps not often enough. I love […]



Nearly time to board the plane for Spain! This is the research trip for my next novel that I’ve been anticipating for well over a year. It’s been in the […]