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Kookaburra walking

Balancing fact and fiction

Reproduced with permission from the Australian Book Review, the following is my comment on Elisabeth Holdsworth’s essay “If This Is a Jew” printed in the journal’s November 2017 issue. How […]

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If we had no story, what then?

I’ve often puzzled at the magic that happens with story that floats above and beyond mere words to produce a range of metaphysical properties with the power to form connections […]

Rope about to break

Riveting reading

Led by the trusted opinions of four or five of the Australian Book Review’s critics in their year-end round-up of best reads for 2015, how could I not pick up […]

eurasian hoopoe (Upupa epops)

Why the author is not yet dead

At writers’ festivals, both as a member of the audience and as participant, I’m always fascinated by the number of questions that attempt to tease out a writer’s connection to […]


Haiku in Hong Kong

Christmas 2013 and two delightful books of haiku revived my interest in this beautiful and meditational form of poetry. So few words, so much said. But if haiku surprised me […]


‘To be read aloud’

With thanks to Athol Barrett for his reading and remembering of  Henry Lawson’s terrific poem. ‘To be read aloud,’ he insists. ‘ Especially at Christmastime.’   The Fire at Ross’s […]