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Out of Place now available

How would you describe Out of Place? As a rather intense psychological study of trying to live up to expectations — other people’s and one’s own — and the battering […]


Writing in a vibrant marketplace

Merchandise and marketing – two sides of the same worked-over page. Somehow as writers we’ve forgotten we’re running a business. Somehow it’s always been enough to have sweated out the […]

Following the sun

Writing horizons

Travelling westwards – with Qantas gamely keeping up with the setting sun – gifted me a golden opportunity to get in early with next year’s resolutions  and inscribe my writing […]

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Winning tales

What a remarkable read-fest of Australian literature I’ve been lucky enough to be immersed in over the past couple of  months or so: J. M. Coetzee’s The Childhood of Jesus, […]


Time to read and reflect

Back at my desk from time-out in Sydney and Bali. Sydney was a very enjoyable family time, a meeting with our latest grandchild, young Tom, and the chance to attend […]

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Mystery Muse

Back now from Granada with tales of the Alhambra tumbling around in my mind. Most writers are familiar with the dreaded blank page or the empty screen – the panicky […]



Nearly time to board the plane for Spain! This is the research trip for my next novel that I’ve been anticipating for well over a year. It’s been in the […]



When I look at the main problem in my electronic life right now, it’s passwords. Once upon a time a six-letter word constituted some form of security (or we were […]


To e-publish . . . or not?

A year or two ago, Perth’s Writing WA put on an e-publishing seminar and one of the presenters was e-publisher Mark Coker of Smashwords who was currently on a promotional tour […]