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Out of Place

‘I say to you, Dana, come prepared to enjoy yourself. That’s the only way this will work…’

When, finally, Dana turns her back on her own career to join her husband Dekker on a company camp in Saudi Arabia, she smothers her apprehension with the conviction that she is doing the right thing. This is the brave new world of the Sixties after all. What harm can come from taking six months, a year perhaps, as time-out?

But she is totally unprepared for the harsh reality and restrictions of her new environment, for the frustration and unhappiness she will uncover and for the predicament in which she finds herself.

As the title suggests, Out of Place is a story about dislocation and loneliness — states of being that in this unusual location give rise to a set of complications not easily resolved.

Shortlisted from 546 entries in the Penguin-Varuna manuscript competition

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Reader feedback and comments

I loved your descriptions. Dana & her thought processes were fascinating & I could relate to how our uncertainties can sometimes overwhelm us. The book & characters felt real to me. Wendy,  North Fremantle

Love the imagery. It is indeed like being transported right there. A wistful but beautiful book and writing. Amelia, Amazon*****

Great read. The author is descriptive and the plot keeps you entertained. It’s the kind of book that you say oh, just another chapter and suddenly it’s midnight.  Sam Wilcox, Amazon*****

…it wouldn’t leave me alone for most of the day. I’m well past halfway through and I must say I’m really enjoying it. Beautiful writing and interesting characters.  Brian Cook, The Authors’ Agent, Sydney

I loved this book for its insights into a world I knew nothing of. I’ve read it twice now and think I’ll read it again. June Vivian, Swanbourne.

Meant to tell you that I finally had a chance to read it recently. And absolutely loved it. Fabulous fabulous story and writing. Tammy Anastasakis, East Fremantle

I have just finished reading ‘Out of Place’. Beautifully written, which is what I have come to expect of Tangea’s writing; it is always a work of art. Dana, the main character of the story, winds her way into your heart, with her mixture of fragility and strength. The poignant ending, full of secret yearnings of a time long gone, left me with tears in my eyes. Toni, Cottesloe

I read it in no time at all and have to say your writing simply amazes me. You paint such a clear picture of life in a Saudi compound it’s easy to understand why so many relationships end up on the rocks.  I’m sure almost everybody knows somebody whose marriage didn’t survive and is it any wonder!   Maureen Pratt, Lesmurdie

It was very interesting to read a novel set in a different type of context — and your use of descriptive language is superb.  Allan and Jane Green, Nedlands


A Break in the Chain – the Early Kozminskys

Melbourne: Affirm Press, 2011.
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In 1856, Simon Kozminsky travelled from Prussia to begin a new life in the fledgling colony of Victoria. In the heady days of the gold rush, he established a jewellery house that would gain world renown.

But behind the glittering facade of wealth, glamour and influence lay a darker, sadder story: a mysterious rift between Simon and his eldest son.

In an extraordinary coincidence, the answer to this life-long estrangement was painted by Australia’s pre-eminent artist of the time, Frederick McCubbin. The portrait depicted the beautiful  young Irish woman, Eileen Watkins, who unwittingly drove a wedge between father and son.

Longlisted by the State Library of Victoria for One Country Reading 2011.

Critical reviews and reader comments

‘The nA Break in the Chain - the Early Kozminskysovel and family history are necessarily different types of writing. In attempting to write one, it appears that Tansley has become deliciously and successfully entangled in the expectations of the other’.  Miriam Zolin, Australian Book Review

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your beautifully written book. I especially enjoyed your Postscript for its sense of obligation and honesty, and also because I could identify with the sentiments you convey. I suspect fiction may be better than the ‘truth’ in a circumstance such as yours as you literally embody DNA whose expression has been influenced by the experiences of your forebears. I know this latter statement probably requires clarification – perhaps sufficient to say that some authorities believe that we carry some sort of genetic imprint of the lived experiences of our ancestors.David Rampling, Yacka.

‘This is a warm, lively, empathetic novel full of fascinating social history.’
Sydney Morning Herald

‘A bold and imaginative re-writing of Tansley’s famous family’s history, told with the dedication of the historian and the imaginative flair of the novelist … (She) transforms the veiled landscape of the past into an enthralling panoply which speaks to her writers in the present. A well-written and gripping book and far more than the story of a migrant family…’
Novelist, columnist and literary critic Alan Gold

‘This has got movie written all over it.’
Denis Walter, 3AW, Sydney

Tansley brings alive her father’s stories of the development of Melbourne. The blend of fact and fiction gives this book its richness.’
Writing WA

‘A beautifully written imagining of three generations of her family.’
Herald Sun

‘At the core of the book is Judaism and what it means when affection strays beyond religious barriers. Tansley records the lives of her ancestors not in dry prose but in an imaginative, fictive construct. She has a lot of spaces in the record to fill and her responses are largely pitch perfect.’
The Sunday Age

‘An engaging story that gives a human face to Melbourne’s explosive growth during the gold rush…A Break in the Chain will resonate with anyone who has ever witnessed the deep, astonishing antagonism to an interfaith relationship, and the permanent damage to family ties that such antagonism can cause.’
Bracha Rafael,Galus Australis

‘Richly researched, splendidly illuminating. A Break in the Chain offers insider history, the private story beyond the public history, an emotionally dense and intriguing Australian story of high achievement, and of cultures and traditions in rich conflict.’
Writer and academic Michael Meehan

I’ve read A Break in the Chain and absolutely loved it – what a fascinating family history! I’m planning to select it for a forthcoming book club meeting.’   Lynn Gauntlett, Perth

‘I read your book A Break in the Chain. What an achievement – it was so interesting and beautifully written.’  Carolyn Denham, Perth

‘I loved reading this book — in fact I could not put it down for the lovely piece of writing that it is.’ Sheriden Sommerley, Port Macquarie

‘I finished reading A Break in the Chain a couple of weeks ago and have been meaning to email you to tell you how much I enjoyed it. What a ripping yarn and how beautifully told.’  Jeremy Bloom, Melbourne

‘I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn’t put it down. I really felt I was there and loved the way you wove so much about the life and times into the story while building the history of your family. What an extraordinary tale…’  Penny Crozier, Melbourne

‘This is a long overdue email to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed A Break in the Chain.  It really is a great story…the essence of each of the characters really shines through… both their strengths and struggles. I wish you luck with digging up Emma’s  intriguingly mysterious past…’  Rosy Correia-Waller, Perth

For For Women Who GrieveWomen Who Grieve

First printed Lothian Books, Melbourne, 1995
Reprints, Crossing Press, USA 1996
Two Speed Press, USA 1998

*Limited copies of the original Australian print edition are available at cost plus shipping. Please be aware that many of the contact names and addresses in the ‘Helpline’ list at the back of the book will have changed. Purchase via Paypal top of page.

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I was taken by surprise by my husband’s death and in the whirlwind of confusion that followed I lost my way. This book arose out of my painful and circuitous journey back to enjoying my life once again.

As one dear friend wrote: “Blue skies will come again…” and even though it seemed impossible at the time, she was right and eventually they did, bluer and deeper than I could ever have imagined.

This book offers a helping hand to others trying to come to terms with the loss of a mate. Topics I cover include understanding death, letting go, coping with sexuality, dealing with the legal and financial aspects of loss, gaining insight from dreams and wise people, and dealing with the grief of family and friends along with your own.


‘Have just been given your wonderful book For Women Who Grieve – read it in a day and virtually connected and related to everything you expressed in your book.  It has been my journey.  Thanks for reaffirming my beliefs and experiences. I wish you continued success. By the way this is the first time in my 72 years I have felt motivated enough to write to an author but it touched such a deep truth within me I couldn’t help myself.  Will be sharing the book with others.’   June Lord

‘Our culture, by and large, is not comfortable with this kind of reality. We prefer not to think about death, loss or loneliness, but keep ourselves busy and working hard at being happy. That is why this book is important, and for all of us, not just those who have recently lost a partner.’ From foreword by noted writer and academic Sister Veronica Brady

‘Tansley’s warm personal disclosures will undoubtedly assist women who mourn; those who feel lost and dejected will find joy and hope in place of despair, and a sense of purpose for the future’
Canberra Times

‘…the clear message from one grieving woman to others is that “you are not alone” and that “your experience is valued and normal”…’
Australian Health Review

‘…an essential and valuable addition to any collection of “help” books on the painful and sensitive subject of death, dying, and the process of grieving’
Midwest Book Review

…this is a sensible, sensitive approach to the grieving process that would be as helpful to a man as to a woman whose spouse has died…’

‘This book is written in the form of a series of steps to take the reader gently through different stages of grief — understanding death, letting go, being gentle with yourself, world of words, dreaming, mind control’
Weekly Times (Vic)

OurOur Grand Design Grand Design: The highs and lows of building in a boom

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There’s a sage piece of advice that does the rounds in share market boom-times: “When people start giving you hot-to-trot stock market tips at the beach, it’s time to sell.” Or an older saying: “When you hear the bells, sell; when you hear the cannons, buy.” The same goes for real estate. When the market is in the doldrums, take a deep breath and start doing your buy/build sums.

We did the opposite: we built in a boom. Not only that, but we designed an unusual house that we intended to build on a difficult block with very little money. With hindsight,  any one of these steps presented a challenge; taken together, it turned out to be something more than that.

Join us on our journey as we tackle the impossible dream…

‘I just wanted to say thank you for sharing such a beautiful story — it was like sitting with you over a glass of wine and listening to you speak. I loved it and it cheered me up in a low week.’ Vicki Curnow, Perth



HeyHeytesbury Stud: An Affair of the Hearttesbury Stud: An Affair of the Heart

Ghosted for Ethnee Holmes a Court
Sydney: Gary Allen, 2003

An intensely personal account of the work that goes into creating a horse stud from scratch and the many successes and heartbreaks along the way. Heyesbury Stud is a behind-the-scenes look at building ‘the most fabulous thoroughbred stud’ in the southern hemisphere.

Currently out of print.


From the very beginning, the index summary alone, manages to bring your emotions to the surface. It is a light, easy-to-read book, following one woman’s journey in her later years of life. Reading this book will give anyone a new burst of energy to go and try the things they want to, no matter what age, obstacles or limitations we put on ourselves. Buy it & read it. Pass it on to your friend to read as well… Monika Australia