The choices we make: Chance or destiny?

Seagulls in the sky

  seagulls mewling like spoilt kits — do we all cry for what is not   for what perhaps has never been searching for our answers in buckets full  of sodden […]

Balancing fact and fiction

Kookaburra walking

Reproduced with permission from the Australian Book Review, the following is my comment on Elisabeth Holdsworth’s essay “If This Is a Jew” printed in the journal’s November 2017 issue. How […]

Writing synchronicity


There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. Shakespeare.Hamlet (1.5.167-8)   What I grew up calling ‘coincidence’, but which I now prefer to […]

If we had no story, what then?

shutterstock_108916853 - Copy

I’ve often puzzled at the magic that happens with story that floats above and beyond mere words to produce a range of metaphysical properties with the power to form connections […]

Reading the Gibb River Road


As we prepared to tackle some of the more challenging aspects of our Gibb River Road adventure, we received a piece of salutary advice from the attractive young manager at […]

The write routine


bee-eaters brightwheel above this lucky country this uncertain world   The write routine. Blessed routine. And the greatest antidote I know to unremitting change. When once I said that I […]

Writing mind games

High angle view of man standing on the beach

How can I describe the last four months – no single adjective will do – my memory projects it back to me in slightly blurred frames like the transient sights […]

Story magic

Sailing ship sails through the stars

Where would we be without magic? For me, it’s never far away, but over recent months it has been feeding into my life on the most unpredictable occasions in the […]

Let’s talk writing: 2016 Sydney Writers’ Festival


So why go to a writers’ festival when you have to cope with crowds and the inevitable queues? As a recent letter in a local paper posited: why not just […]

My 70th move lies ahead


Key among my bucketful of wishes after my second husband died was a wish not to travel, but rather to cease travelling, or at least to slow down the petty […]